Insole Pressure Sensor

Improved from standard membrane force sensors, ALPHA’s MF18-N-0A8-A01 pressure distribution sensor will yield greater resolution under high-pressure ranges and enhance the overall sensitivity for shoe insole. It is fit for balance training, rehabilitation, health and sports.

Jun. 29, 2020 READ

Pressure Sensor Array ( Under Development)

MMS1011-N-026-A01 is a matrix sensor with 110 pressure sensing cells. It can detect the position (X-Y) and force (Z), with multi-touch function, and is ideal for pressure distribution applications such as body and foot pressure mapping system, balance training and rehabilitation, and inventory management.

Mar. 27, 2020 READ

Wearable 2020

Welcome to our booth at Wearable 2020 You will find our new technologies can be used in Robotic and various applications.

Dec. 17, 2019 READ


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