Welcome to our booth at TAIROS 2019. You will find our new technologies can be used in Robotic and various applications.

Jul. 22, 2019 READ

Stretch Sensor

Flexible and stretchable, our proprietary sensor technology provides real-time response when it is extended or stretched around 3D objects. This technology is ideal for wearable devices, motion-monitoring systems, and other industrial applications.

Apr. 18, 2019 READ

Long life motorized fader RA00B1MLF, RA00B2MLF

Consistant slide feeling and steady motion controlled by superb motorized mechanism. The new motorized fader is with 100,000 life cycles and would be the best choice for master volume control in high-grade audio equipment of studio mixer… ect.

Apr. 15, 2019 READ


Building on the core values of "Quality, Responsibility, and Service" since our foundation in 1970, Taiwan Alpha specializes in comprehensive electronic components and highly customizable sensor solutions. We offer a wide scope of technological expertise ranging in rigid, flexible, and hybrid electronics.