Force Sensors


Thin and flexible, Alpha force-sensing resistors can detect the change of applied force and be used in pressure measurement in a variety of applications and wearable technology. Different shape and electrical output customization are available. 


Force Sensors-FSR Type

Photo Model Active area Sensitivity Range Operating Temperature Life Cycles Catalog
MF01A-□-A12 Ф14.7 mm 0.3N~39N -30°C to +60°C >5 million
MP01A-□-A01 Ф14.7mm 10N~450N -30°C to +85°C >5 Million
MF02A-□-A03 39.6mm x 39.6mm 0.98N~49N -30°C to +85°C >5 Million
MF01A-□-A11 Ф14.7mm 3N~150N -30°C to +85°C >5 Million
MF01A-□-A01 Ф14.7mm 0.3N~9.8N -30°C to +85°C >5 Million
MF01A-□-A04 Ф10.2mm 0.1N~9.8N -30°C to +85°C >5 Million
MF01A-□-A05 Ф14.7mm 1N~98N -30°C to +85°C >5 Million
MF01A-□-A06 Ф14.7mm 0.3N~9.8N -30°C to +85°C >5 Million
MF01A-□-A08 Ф14.7mm 0.3N~9.8N -30°C to +85°C >5 Million
MF01A-□-A09 35mm x 19mm 0.3 bar~10 bar -30°C to +85°C >1 Million
MF02A-□-A01 39.6mm x 39.6mm 0.3N~9.8N -30°C to +85°C >5 Million
MF22-□-A01 28mm x 28mm x 4 0.5N~9.8N -20°C to +70°C >1 Million

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